Are you feeling stuck in a career that is no longer fulfilling?
Is it hard to get motivated to take your career to the next level?

If you answered “YES,” you’re ready to discover Career Gold!

It’s Sunday night, and thoughts of going back to work tomorrow are creeping in.

When they do, do you feel…

a) Excited, looking forward to getting to work on your newest project or with your new client, or

b) Dismayed, desperate to hang on to the weekend as long as you possibly can and dreading the alarm clock going off in the morning?

If you chose b, you’re not alone.

According to recent statistics, an estimated 55% of the American workforce dislikes their job. Many people feel stuck in an unfulfilling career, longing for something they feel passionate and excited about. Unfortunately, circumstances in our lives can leave us feeling trapped.

Maybe it’s due to the need for income, not having the time to complete the training needed to switch fields, or the fear of pushing ourselves to do something new and unfamiliar. Or perhaps it’s a little of all of each. [THESE ARE ALL VERY VALID REASONS.] Whatever the reason, the results can leave us feeling overwhelmed, empty, and detached from our true selves.

If this sounds like you, I’ve got good news…

The premier resource for busy executives seeking joy and success in their careers, the Career Gold Club is an inspiration machine, designed to keep you moving towards achieving your most cherished professional goals all year long.

This one-of-a-kind program is focused on providing you the tools, resources and inspiration to take action towards transforming your career into one that truly feels like an extension of you. A career that makes you feel truly successful in all senses of the word: it makes you feel alive, balanced and like you are bringing your authentic, unique gifts to the table to make a real difference in the world!

The Club provides answers, ideas and training for you to take advantage of whenever you need it most.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you get when you join the Club:

Inspirational interviews with professionals who are blissfully employed, successfully making a living doing what they love. Though they love their work and lives now, these professionals didn’t know from the get-go that they would end up in this place of joy. They did, however, make specific choices along the way to follow the energy, inspiration and opportunity to get where they are now. Come hear these wonderful people share their stories of career satisfaction and success, including CEOs and senior executives of major corporations, successful start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.Value-packed teleclasses with experts who help maximize your success and satisfaction in your life and career. Professional organizers, image consultants, writing coaches, personal trainers, web developers, financial planners, holistic health practitioners and others share their expertise – and special offers reserved for Club members – with you to help you become deeply successful, engaged and fulfilled in your professional life.Thought-provoking coaching calls with me focused on key success factors in your path to a rich professional life. I will discuss topics to help you make traction on such positive changes as:Powerful, relatable articles I’ve written and worksheets I’ve crafted to keep you feeling good and motivated along the way, and help you take action.

As a Club member you’ll receive:

An insiders’ view into career options you haven’t considered or wondered about but haven’t pursued.Best practices for being successful and fulfilled in your career that you can immediately apply to your own journey.Examples of successful transitions executives and entrepreneurs have made to show you that you are not alone, that others have been where you are and that you too can get to where you want, with focus and action.Expertise and special offers for valuable services you need from exceptional practitioners I have personally vetted for you.Perspectives on business and career issues you face every day that can help you get past obstacles that have held you back in the past.Expert career advice and action-oriented practices from a senior-level coach who has worked with hundreds of professionals just like you, who serves as your trusted guide across a variety of topics related to professional fulfillment.

I gained a confidence and focus that has helped me make a conscious play on my next career move.“When I hit a wall at the company I had worked at for 8 years, I knew it wasn’t feeling right anymore but wasn’t sure how to proceed to make change. I am grateful that during this very confusing time, a trusted colleague recommended Merideth’s career coaching program. Merideth helped me get clarity around my existing work situation while helping me to define my ideal work profile outside of any one job description….I recommend Merideth without hesitation to anyone sitting in the haze of work-life imbalance or career uncertainty, she will help you get clear and focused.”

- Kristin K., Digital Media & Gaming Exec, shares:

I have tools to help me advance my career in years to come. “When I made the decision to find a career coach, I was unhappy in my job, doubting my self worth and expertise, and paralyzed from making decisions… Six months later, I have a new job, a pay increase equal to my expertise, and a much better work and home life balance.”

- Chanda A. Zirkelbach, VP of Community Impact, United Way

Working with Merideth helped me realize that it was time to take the leap and really commit to my dream.“When I started my coaching with Merideth I was still holding onto a job that made me miserable and was putting minimal energy and attention into my own business, which I knew I wanted to grow…. It was scary, but with the support of Merideth and my group, I trusted that following my heart would pay off. And it has!”

- Nicola Ries Taggart, Personal & Professional Coach, True Insights

Since working with Merideth, we now support a six-figure income. “When we first met Merideth, we were barely getting by in our cleaning business. Since working with her, we now support a six-figure income. What a difference!”

- Jim and Kathleen Vercellino, Owners, City Lights Home & Office Cleaning

“Okay, this sounds great. What’s my minimal investment to gain access to this exclusive
Club that will hand me the tools to transform my career?”

As you can see from the testimonials on this page, people are realizing all types of incredible results from our work together, including

making more money,switching jobs that drain them for ones that fill them with passion,evolving the jobs they have to really work for them,and enjoying careers that take less effort and are more successful, delivering the results they dream of.

Through the irresistible interviews and hands-on career tools you’ll access as a Club member, you’ll learn how transitions happen and what to do to jump-start yours and make significant progress towards the career of your dreams.

A coaching club with access to stellar resources
like these could costs thousands of dollars.

Instead, I am making membership to this Club enticingly affordable. Why? Because I want to make the decision a no-brainer so you can get immediate access to these incredible resources and get moving towards the transformation you crave in your own professional life.

For just $497, get an entire year of access to the Club.

Remember, for this small investment, you get:

Access to teleclasses with organizers, image consultants, book coaches, holistic healers and more giving you specific strategies for how to make tangible changes in areas you need mostPrivate access to one-on-one discussions I hold with professionals– both entrepreneurs and corporate employees – who have successfully transitioned into the career of their dreamsFront-row virtual seats for intimate coaching calls where I directly address some of your most pressing concerns about career transformationInspirational articles and other resources to keep you going each week

As each call will be recorded, you’ll be able to download the MP3s to add them to your success library to access again and again, so you benefit for years to come.

Special bonus when you buy today

For a limited time only, I am offering an additional bonus for those who purchase their membership by July 1st. Buy now and receive with your membership three additional months free, so your annual membership won’t come up for renewal until 15 months from the day of purchase. So, you pay just $497 for 456 days of access. That equates to just under $1.09 a day to be inspired until September of 2013!

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Join the Career Gold Club today and if you find that in 14 days this is not a good fit, then I will refund your money–100%!

This program exists to help you change the way you view your career for good. That’s why I invite you to fully participate for 14 days and see for yourself. I know you will be more than satisfied with the tools, resources and motivation you’ll receive from being in the Club. If you don’t, I want to hear about it. *

Remember, the three months free offer is only good until July 1st, after which
the annual Club membership will return to giving you 15 months of access,
tools and support instead of 12.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We require written proof that you have accessed the calls and specific feedback before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you listen to the calls and take advantage of the resources, you’ll make real progress towards the career you really want. It’s that simple! If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll cheerfully refund you.

When I made a successful career change from corporate employee to entrepreneur, I knew that I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Although I had been extremely successful in my corporate career, I knew deep inside that I was not making the professional contribution I was meant to make. I knew I needed support to define my next step.

In the years since, as I have guided hundreds of people through the career transformation process, as well as conducted these valuable interviews with the wonderful professionals profiled in the Career Gold Club who are successfully making a living doing what they love, I’ve seen, again and again, that surrounding oneself with supportive resources is an essential ingredient for career transformation.

Don’t make the mistake of isolating yourself. This year you can access the support you crave with the touch of a button. Join the Club and be in good company with other executives, entrepreneurs and professionals just like you, on their own journey to career fulfillment.

The important thing is to get moving. You change by taking action, adapting as you learn more and more about what you most want. Waiting until the time is right, or until you have accomplished X, or you have this much money in your bank account doesn’t get you there.

You can’t wait for lightning to strike.

Truly successful people avoid analysis paralysis by giving up their commitment to being right all the time, getting into movement now and as my coach would say, “building the plane as they fly it.”

When you do this, following the energy and your passion, being curious and persistent, magic happens.

When you don’t, you’ll stay where you are and six months or a year from now you’ll be kicking yourself.

In most cases, you don’t make these changes you are longing for alone. That’s why the Career Gold Club is here. Now you have the support you need!

This is the year. 2012. If not now, when?

Now is the time for you to achieve the professional life you want for yourself.
No one’s going to hand it to you. You have to claim it.
…And the Career Gold Club is going to help
you do just that.

Looking forward to helping you make this THE year you achieve career gold!

P.S. Remember to sign up today to receive 15 months of access. That’s 456 days of inspiration, tools and support! Get your 15 months here.

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